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It's UKRAINE not "the Ukraine"In the English Language, using "the" prior to the country's name suggests that it is not independent, but rather a region of another state
  • Ukraine is the Largest Country by area in Europe and 8th (eighth) most Populous Country in Europe (excl. Russia)
  • Ukraine is nearly as Large as Texas and Larger than California
  • The region that modern-Ukraine includes has previously been under the rule of Poland, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire and others
  • Ukraine has 7 (seven) UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Kyiv has the Deepest Metro Station in the World
  • Ukraine is the Largest Sunflower Seed Producer in the World
  • The Gas Lamp was invented in Lviv, Ukraine in 1853
  • Kyiv is Larger in Area than NYC and Larger by Population than Chicago
  • Kyiv & Kharkiv both have Higher Population Densities than Los Angeles & Houston (prior to the Russian Invasion in 2022)
Political Map of Ukraine 2021

Map of Ukraine in 2021

Language Map of Ukraine

Language Density of Ukraine

* Outside of Ukraine and Russia, prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 202250 More Interesting Facts About Ukraine
President Volodymyr Zelensky

President Zelensky

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal

Prime Minister Shmyhal

Recent Events in Ukraine


  • Russia invades Ukraine (February)

  • Russia intensifies build-up of troops in Belarus, the Black Sea and Sea of Azov, and along the Russian-Ukrainian border (January)


  • Russian-backed coup-plot to overthrow President Zelenskyy thwarted (November)

  • Attempted assassination of Ukrainian presidential aide Serhiy Shefir (September)

  • Russia begins building up troops along Ukrainian-Russian border (Spring)


  • Donald Trump (as President) refuses to provide Ukraine with a $400 million Congressionally mandated military aid package in an attempt to coerce Ukrainian officials to create false allegations against his election opponent, Joe Biden


  • Kremlin and Donald Trump make unsubstantiated claims that it was Ukraine that interfered with the 2016 US Election - In complete opposition to substantiated facts and reporting from US and European Intelligence Community clearly showing that it was the Russian Federation and Putin that interfered


  • EU approves visa-free travel for Ukrainian citizens


  • Russian invades Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine with undercover FSB agents, mercenaries and plain-clothed Russian militants. Establishing a pro-Russian militia and protest movement (March 2014 - February 2015)


  • Russia disrupts Ukrainian presidential election with several days of cyberattacks and attempts to alter vote tallies (May)

  • Russia covertly disarms Ukrainian authorities in Crimea while declaring a new Crimean republic. Russian-administered referendum in Crimea held to determine legitimacy of Russian annexation. Russia assumes control of the Crimean area (March)

  • Ukrainian Parliament votes to remove pro-Russian president (Yanukovych) from office (February)

  • Maidan - Revolution of Dignity (November 2013 - February 2014)

Modern History of Ukraine


  • Kyiv Appellate Court (posthumously) finds Joseph Stalin and other Socialist/Communist leaders Guilty of Genocide against the Ukrainian People


  • Orange Revolution spurred by a fraud-filled run-off presidential election and the Russian poisoning of the eventual winner (Yushchenko), leading to a 3rd (third) round of voting


  • USSR formally dissolves (December)

  • First President of Ukraine elected (December)

  • Ukrainian Parliament adopts the Act of Independence (August)


  • Revolution on Granite prevents Ukraine from reuniting with the Soviet Union (October)

  • Sovereignty of Ukraine Parliament forms (July)


  • Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster


  • Ukrainian SSR assumes control over Crimea (1954)

  • Intense Russification imposed on Ukraine by USSR (1953)

  • Ukrainian SSR assumes control over southwestern Ukraine (1945-48)

  • USSR Liberates Ukrainian SSR from German occupation (1944)


  • German-Nazi occupation of the majority of Ukraine (September 1941 - November 1943)

  • Ukrainian SSR assumes control of western Ukraine (1939-40)

  • USSR imposes genocidal regimes on Ukraine causing the HOLODOMOR Great Famine and 3.5 million deaths in Ukraine (1932-33)

  • Central & eastern Ukraine become the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, incorporating into the USSR (December 1922)

  • Polish control over western Ukraine and Kyiv (1920 - March 1921)

  • Soviet Russia invades Ukrainian Republic (December 1917)

  • Ukrainian People's (National) Republic established (June 1917)

  • Ukrainian Legion formed to oppose the Russian Empire in WWI (1914)

  • Region partitioned between Poland and Russian Empire (1910s)

Early History of Ukraine


  • Treaty of Paris Signed, ending the Crimean War and returning Crimea and souther Ukraine to the Russian Empire


  • Kiev Cossack Revolt against the Russian Empire, spreads throughout central Ukraine


  • Russian Empire invades modern-Moldova from Ukraine, starting the Crimean War


  • Russian Empire "annexes" Crimea and assumes control of most of the region that makes up modern-Ukraine


  • Koliivshchyna Uprising leads to the division of the region between the Cossack Hetmanate, Polish Empire, and Russian Empire

Foundations of Ukraine


  • Micro-kingdom and Ukrainian Cossack Hetmanate State rule of the region


  • Kievan Rus' forms as a nation-state with Kyiv as it's capital (origin of modern Ukraine, Belarus, and western Russia)